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How To Lay and Look After Easimat Horse Mats

When you are laying the mats we advise you to leave a 10mm – 15mm gap between the entire outside edge of the mats and the wall to allow for any expansion that may occur when the stables warm up or cool down. All stable mats are prone to this kind of expansion so leaving the gap really will help a lot and stop the mats from lifting or curling. If they do begin to expand then simply trim the edge again. It is not unusual to need to trim the mats regularly during really hot temperatures.

Due to the lightweight nature of our EVA horse mats, you will need to ensure that the full stable floor is covered to avoid them sliding around. Areas of heavy use (normally the door ways or places where horse paw the floor) may wear quicker than other areas, we recommend purchasing a rubber matting fork to avoid damaging your mats. If damage does occur then try to rotate the mats to get the maximum life out of them as possible. These mats can be damaged by things such as studs, road nails or hay forks so take care when mucking out.

When you come to cutting the mats (if required) we recommend you use a sharp Stanley knife, we would not suggest you use a saw or any serrated knife as this may cause the edge of the mat to look rough and tatty. A Stanley knife will give you a clean cut.

Our 22mm and 24mm mats are suitable for ponies and horses up to 15hh, the 34mm mats are suitable for horses up to 16.2hh.

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